Thinkorswim trading platform Cartoon Mascot

ThinkOrSwim trading platform, brought to you by TD Ameritrade, is operating in the very serious business of cryptocurrency. In order to make the website more user friendly and easy to understand, they developed a funny mascot that fits the company. This mascot, called Zeppy, is a cartoon monkey that is supporting online users with providing the right information and directions on the website. This is not the first time that a serious company is using a cartoon to lighten things up. Especially big companies such as ThinkOrSwim Trading Platform really need this kind of entertainment in order to add a little bit fun. Zeppy is a real comedian and can be found everywhere on the website of this trading company. They also created a real toy of him, including him wearing their logo on his t-shirt.

Why are companies implement cartoons in order to inform their online users? That is a very interesting question. Since the reputation of cartoons is funny, cheerful and motivating, online users seem to be more focused on the information if it is provided by a cartoon figure. Most of the times, it even is implemented with a cartoon-ish voice! The combination of dynamic cartoons and businesses seem to be the golden key to success and that is why more and more businesses are now using the same strategy. Zeppy is cool, understand the language of his online users but is also very good in assisting and guiding the online visitors. Trading has a really boring reputation to many people that don’t know anything about the business. Zeppy is a smart tool to attract more users and beginners within this field without making things to hard for them.

We all know the famous digital mascot of Microsoft Word, his name is Clippy; the office assistant. Clippy’s job was to help you out where necessary and guide you through the program. Clippy had two different goals, to help you out as a personal assistant and as a recognizable marketing tool that could actually entertain the users of the program. This double function seem to be a great success, because still people can recall Clippy! Maybe this is also the goal of ThinkOrSwim Trading Platform, they were in need of a recognizable signature and used Zeppy to do that for them. A cartoon is better than an actual face, because you can adjust the cartoon exactly how you would like it to be. Zeppy can say everything, do everything and can have every face expression that you could think of. Nowadays this is all possible because of computer work instead of sketching.

What do you think about cartoons and businesses? Do you think that this will add some extra fun to a company? There are plenty of other examples that can be found on the internet, you just need to search a little bit and you will find it! We must admit, getting to know Clippy and Zeppy was a real value to both the program and the trading platform. Turning serious things into more relaxing and comfortable surroundings is a great marketing strategy!