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The Comic Conference in Amsterdam

The best Comic Conference of this year is already on its way and comic fans all over the world are already excited about this great week in Amsterdam. It is the most important event for dedicated comic lovers and that is why we would like to inform you about the best parts of this conference. Not only will you be able to get a sneak peak in to the latest comic developments, sketches and movie concepts; also is it possible to buy the best comic based merchandise, which we really recommend. Stroll around for days at this event and learn more about the most popular comic strips of all times. In this article we would like to provide you with a little bit more details about this upcoming conference, including the concept!

This year The Comic Conference will be held at a very special location in Amsterdam, which is not announced yet. Organizers claimed that this location will be transformed in to an event that has been never done before. A special location including extraordinary decorations and conceptional props; visitors can expect a lot of mysterious developments during this conference. Organizer Tom Fields stated that this will be the first official comic conferences with this kind of standards. It will be out of this world and visitors will be dragged in to the ultimate comic experience. We could only think of popular comic scenarios or cities like Gotham, which clearly is the city of Batman. Or maybe they will create another kind scenery, based on other comic books.

Why is this year so different from the previous ones? Comic strips has becoming collectors items and the amount of buyers is getting more and more exclusive. The lovers of comic books are collectors and they needed to stay interested in collecting even more books over time. In order to increase the amount of collectors we need to think outside the box, Tom Fields said. This comic conference will trigger the interest of many more people outside the business as well and that is the main priority of the event. With movies such as Superman, Wonder Woman and so on, it’s not getting easy to reach out to a younger generation. This is why they had to think of a better solution by bringing more generations at one location. Amsterdam is the perfect place to connect different kind of people who are sharing the same interests.

The biggest sponsor of the Comic Conference are Comic Now and de leukste online casino’s van nederland. Together, they’ve set up a budget which could be used for marketing purposes, decorations and finding the best location for the event. De leukste online casino’s van nederland has a long history in the world of comic strips, since they are big collectors since the beginning. The Comic Conference is planned around the Christmas Period and more news about the event can be found on the official website. Looking for more comic inspiration? Make sure you’ll read all of our articles on the website and stay tuned for the latest headlines and comic news!